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Isolating your facade? With Granol’therm facade insulation, you apply insulation panels to the exterior of the facade. Choose from one of the seven facade insulation systems and achieve optimal insulation value for your home.

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At Cantillana Facade, we understand that every home is unique. Whether you're aiming for superior insulation, high-quality fire protection, or refined acoustic isolation, we have a tailor-made facade insulation system that seamlessly aligns with your desires and requirements. New construction, renovation, traditional, or timber frame construction? We offer a reliable and sustainable solution that suits every project.


Granol'therm® Value

The reference for exterior facade insulation systems. Years of experience and achievements result in an optimal facade insulation system with an excellent price-quality ratio.



Granol'therm® Value Granoquartz

In this lightweight system, combine the charm of bricks with the architectural freedoms of an organic plaster finish.



Granol'therm® Brick

Granol'therm® Brick combines optimal insulation with organic brick slips as finishing. These brick slips are either baked as strips or obtained by cutting strips from the brick. This preserves the charm of the brick.



Granol'therm® Mineral

Granol'therm® Mineral utilizes insulation boards made from mineral wool, providing enhanced fire protection for the building. Additionally, mineral wool provides additional acoustic insulation.



Granol'therm® King

Granol'therm® King reigns supreme in insulation. These highly insulating Resol panels are suitable for low-energy homes or passive buildings. With Resol panels, you can achieve the lowest possible energy values.



Granol'therm® Impact

Granol'therm® Impact shields your facade against mechanical stress and various weather conditions. Extra protection is necessary for buildings located on busy roads, in urban areas, or regions with highly fluctuating weather conditions.



Granol'therm® Wood

Granol'therm® Wood is an innovative facade insulation system constructed from wood fiber panels. Wood fiber boasts excellent thermal capacity. This means the wood wool insulation panel can effectively retain heat during winter, which proves advantageous in keeping out heat during summer.


Why does Cantillana Facade stands out as the ultimate choice ?

Lower Energy Costs

With Granol'therm facade insulation, you can save up to 30% on your energy bill. Not only do you enhance comfort in your home, but you also reap financial benefits.

Ideal Indoor Climate

By insulating your facade, you eliminate cold bridges, prevent condensation and mold, and enjoy a pleasant indoor climate throughout the year.

Cantillana duurzaamheid

Reliable Protection
Facade insulation strengthens the exterior shell of your home. Your walls are shielded from extreme temperatures and remain perfectly waterproof. This provides you with a comfortable feeling of security.

Increased Market Value
Enhanced living comfort and a stronger energy score. Facade insulation can significantly increase the market value of your home.

Sustainable Choice
By insulating your facade, you consume less energy. This results in a more favorable Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a smaller ecological footprint. Therefore, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.

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