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Whether you're building new or renovating, when it comes to your home, only the best will do. As specialists in façades with over 80 years of experience, we offer you the perfect blend of sustainable thermal insulation and visually captivating finishes. Curious about how we shape your facade - and future?

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Improve your quality of life while saving energy by opting for our energy-efficient exterior wall insulation. You can personalize your facade according to your specific desires and preferences without compromising on quality. Moreover, with our extensive range of aesthetic finishes, you can create your unique dream home.

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Modernity meets Heritage: Limelook in Historic Renovations

Discover the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation in the renovation of the iconic Astoria Hotel in Brussels. Cantillana Facade, in collaboration with Herpain and Belcolor, has added a contemporary touch to this historic heritage by using the versatile material Limelook. Combining timeless elegance and modern elements, this facade is a tribute to craftsmanship and style. Explore the past while welcoming the future with Cantillana Facade and its Limelook solution.

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With our exterior wall insulation systems, we provide optimal protection for your home against the elements and transform it into a warm haven. We handle the facade finishing in your style and also take care of maintenance. Additionally, we offer personalized guidance with all the expertise we've acquired over the past decades. In short, we pay attention to every aspect of your facade project and ensure you a high-quality and sustainable aesthetic result. Building your facade ultimately means building your future.

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Over 80 years of experience

With over 80 years of experience, Cantillana Facade is a Belgian family-owned business specializing in high-quality plaster and facade insulation systems. Thanks to our expertise in insulating and finishing facades, we are a trusted partner for craftsmen, homeowners, and architects.

With the right technical advice and a wide range of innovative and sustainable solutions, we elevate every facade project functionally and aesthetically to a higher level.

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